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ACENTDFB Graduate Programmes

Welcome to the ACENTDFB graduate programs page. Our doctoral and master’s degree emphasize the applications of Biotechnological tools for the study of host parasite interactions in Trypanosomiasis, Filiariasis and Rabies.

ACENTDFB graduate students would be distributed equitably among the three core research focus of the programme. Graduate students are supervised in a multidisciplinary approach to enable translational driven research.

Research underneath each of these areas is often performed in collaboration with one of the ACENTDFB collaborating partner institutes. Successful completion of the program leads to the conferral of an MSc or PhD degree in Biotechnology. ACENTDFB also runs a Post graduate Diploma in Biotechnology for candidates interested in acquiring Biotechnology skills and tools to enhance their professional development

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In addition to meeting the minimum subject requirements for admission to the Graduate programs, applicants should have significant interest in the NTDs. Completion of the postgraduate program also requires adherence to the technical standards for admission.

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Regional and International Applicants

Regional and International applicants are eligible to apply to any of our Graduate program.
Interested applicants can visit the admissions website at or contact the center directly Prospective candidates can also apply through their respective countries or any of our collaborating institutions.