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Neglected Tropical diseases like Trypanosomiasis, Filiariasis and Rabies have ravaged and affected both rural and urban communities in areas of the world with the least access to modern conventional health care systems.

The emerging resistance of these parasites to known cures has recently amplified their health impact thus increasing their economic burden. The African Center for Excellence on the Neglected Tropical Disease and Forensic Biotechnology was established in collaboration with the World Bank to drive Molecular Research and innovations on;

  • Novel standardized molecular diagnostic tools for the characterization of these parasites in their natural habitats which would be used to map the burden and distribution of the pathogens in the region.
  • Developing and maintaining pathogen sample and strain repositories.
  • To develop a vaccine development facility for innovative vaccination approaches on animals of economic relevance.
  • To explore novel strategies and identify novel targets to disrupt the pathogens lifecycle.
  • To deploy competencies in the area of recombinant DNA technology to build capacity in the area of Forensic Biotechnology to improve current law enforcement efforts in the greater West African Region and Africa at Large.